Fun Competitions

As an attraction to social dancers we have prepared special fun competitions:

  • Follow my Leader
    In this game it's all about your skills in leading or following. You register as single person indicating whether you would like to lead or follow. A registration as "versatile" is possible, too.
    Just before starting the contest the couples will be drawn irrespective of their gender and you will have one dance to get to know each other. Then you will be dancing two minutes of Cha-Cha in this combination assessed by 5 persons from the public.
  • Dance course
    For this fun battle you register in pairs, in any gender combination you want.
    Two couples each start from opposite corners into a kind of obstacle course. Using Quickstep or Foxtrott you pass several stops where you have to fulfill certain tasks. That couple who reaches its starting point as first will move up to the final round.
    The starting order of the couples will be drawn and announced just before dancing.

The registration for the fun competitions will be effected at the venue - by name or anonymously.

There is no entry fee for the fun competitions!


International Open Competition - Standard & Latin

  • Only same-sex couples are accepted for the International Open.
  • There are no classification rounds - all registered couples compete in the same class.
    Hence, this competition addresses couples of B- and A-class-levels in the first instance.
  • Dances in the preliminary rounds: EW,TG,SF,QU resp. CC,SA,RU,JI.
    In the final all 5 dances will be danced, thereof EW resp. CC as assessed solo presentation dance.
  • The couples will be judged by 5 experienced adjudicators.
  • Tournaments for women and men will be conducted separately. Depending on the number of registered couples the competitions could also be carried out together. In any case, the scrutiny will be done separately.
  • There is a entry fee of EUR 20,-- per couple (1 category) resp. EUR 30,-- (both categories).

The best couples will be awarded a prize money -
a total of EUR 600,-- prize money will be granted!


Registration for the International Open

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